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INNOVATIONMAURITIUS.COM International Conference is an annual event organised and managed by DoraCrea Training and Consulting, Mauritius. In a world where Tech has taken over the way business is done, Robotics are becoming more sophisticated while A.I. and Machine Learning are driving automation with never-seen-before accuracy, we are at the cusp of a turning point in history, with the expansion of the Sharing Economy. The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. Awareness of its presence is critical in order to harness its full potential. This International Conference seeks to bring together World Innovators, Industry Practitioners, Business Leaders, Policy Makers, Engaged Citizens and Academics to discuss and share knowledge on the opportunities and challenges associated with the new global marketplace in this Digital Age.


The 2018 edition's theme was: 'Business Transformation in the Age of  Innovation Breakthroughs and Agile Technology'. Our first edition was on  ‘Nurturing Innovative HR Practices in Organisations’.

The event will serve as a platform to discuss major roadblocks of technological innovations to solve real world financial problems and strategies adopted to overcome these challenges. Spread over 6 thematic sessions, this comprehensive agenda will focus on the use of various technologies, disruptive innovations and latest insights associated with Banking, Fraud & Security, Regulation & Compliance, Smart Contracts, Chatbots, Trade Finance and Cryptocurrency alongside the new challenges.

The expected attendance of delegates across Africa will see global leading industry professionals from Banks, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Financial Institutions, Global organisations, Consulting Firms, Venture Capital, Investors, Solution Providers and Regulators showcasing business opportunities and challenges in the new world of Finance.


Adaptability and agility are critical in order for businesses to remain competitive in the shifting technological culture. It’s simply not logical to bring all these new specialties in-house. This is where this conference and collaborative partnerships come in.

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