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INNOVATIONMAURITIUS.COM International Conference is an annual event organised and managed by DoraCrea Training and Consulting, Mauritius. In a world where Tech has taken over the way business is done, Robotics are becoming more sophisticated while A.I. and Machine Learning are driving automation with never-seen-before accuracy, we are at the cusp of a turning point in history - the expansion of the Sharing Economy - the 4th Industrial Revolution is here. Awareness of its presence is critical in order to harness its full potential. This International Conference seeks to bring together World Innovators, Industry Practitioners, Business Leaders, Policy Makers, Engaged Citizens and Academics to discuss and share knowledge on the opportunities and challenges associated with technology disruption in this Digital Age.


The 3rd edition of the INNOVATIONMAURITIUS.COM International Conference scheduled for 18th October 2019 will focus on how disruptive innovation is reshaping the way business organisations, more specifically the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector, coined as BFSI are re-structured, provisioned and consumed. This 1-day event, organised jointly with our privileged and innovative partners and leading industry speakers will showcase delegates the paradigm shift in the financial domain. The Conference theme is "Finnovation - AI - FinTech - Industry 4.0: Framing the Right Financial Digital Innovation Ecosystem" revolving on the following SIX Critical Dimensions disrupting the Financial Ecosystem: Financial Innovation Trends, Crypto currencies and their associated FinTech and Blockchain technologies, impact of AI in the Financial related Services, Banking and Insurance new Financial Regulatory Compliance, Data Protection and Cyber Security and the New Skills required for Financial professionals..

Conference Thematic Themes 2019

 Global FInancial business Innovation Trends and Challenges

Breaking Financial  Innovation Frontiers

Digital Transformation requires Game-Changing Behaviour. Today’s business environment is characterised by the VUCA World - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity – a combination of factors that can exacerbate the effects of digital disruption on an organisation’s operating model. 


Inclusive FinTech

Blockchain-Cryptocurrency and ICO

A Look into a More Efficient and Cyber Security Financial Services Future

Blockchain technology is quietly transforming industries in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago. Transactions that once took days to complete, and multiple third-party verifications systems, can now be conducted more efficiently. Companies continue to recognize the power of blockchain in streamlining their financial dealings.

AI and Machine Learning in Managing the new financial  business world

What Makes Financial Organisations Embracing AI?

 Innovations in areas such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, FinTech and the IoT are exciting digital developments but also invoke a fear of loss of control for many in a “black box society”.

The success of the usage of Cryptocurrencies related transactions relies heavily on the level of adoption of Artificial Intelligence and its associated Machine Learning capabilities within BFSI organisations.

the deregulation of the financial regulatory landscape  

REGTECH & INSURTECH - Moving into a New Era of Regulatory Compliance

The whole idea of Fintech was the disruption of the pre-existing models of Markets, Industries & Finance in general it was in direct contrast with the regulators aim of preventing disruption in the markets. Therefore, regulators had to find a middle ground to encourage innovation while dealing with the challenges that emanate from the adoption of the new technologies.

the future of banking and insurance in the Digital Space

FinTech or TechFin? Understanding the Mega Trends and Blurred Lines

The banking and Insurance industries are experiencing disruption at an increasing pace. Over the past few years, traditional financial institutions and non-traditional fintech firms have begun to understand that collaboration may be the best path to long-term growth. At the same time, big tech firms are offering financial services, creating TechFin solutions.

reframing the right financial digital ecosystem

Charting the New Landscape of FinTech and Financial Services

Organisation Leaders have to understand the emergent future and how to run agile businesses.

A panel of Speakers will take you through the seismic shift of technology, its impact on how we need to unlearn and re-learn and adapt to the evolutionary business models.  The panelists  will, in particular, make reference to their experience in the world of BFSI.

Our Featured Speakers 2019

Featured Speakers - 3rd Edition - 18th October 2019

Innovation Thought Leader

Managing Director,

IXL Center - Boston - USA

Dr. Hitendra PATEL

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Ryan Hogarth.jpeg

Session Moderator

Professional Speaker - Technology and Humanity 



Managing Industry 4.0

CEO - - Digital Banker

Brett St CLAIR

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Juanita headshots-10488 (1).jpg

Compatibility - Man and Machine 

Business Strategist


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data Protection Commissioner - Mauritius

DPA and  GDPR - Financial Perspective

Commissioner, Data Protection Office MAURITIUS

Drudeisha MADHUB

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Dev Hurkoo.png

Digital Transformation for Businesses 

Managing Director,

Rogers Capital - Technology


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Lucy Gazmararian.jpg

Crypto / Digital Assets / Future of Finance 

Co-Chair - FinTech Association of Hong-Kong - PWC Advisory


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Sherif El Touny Microsoft AI.jpg

Digital Transformation - AI 

Senior Data and AI Advisor - Microsoft AI


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Subrat Parida.jpg

Inclusive AI in BFSI - Being Proactive

CEO & Partner Graphene


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Michal Szymanski.jpg

Shaping the Future of FinTech in Africa

CEO - Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub 


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Josh Rammnarain 2.jpg

The Future of Insurance

Head of Operations and Innovations - Jubilee Insurance


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Sudheer Prabhu.jpg

AI in Credit and Loan Management

CTO - CIM Group

Sudheer PRABHU

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Our Happy Participants

Prof. Ashish Gadekar

Dean in Faculty of Management

"My heartiest congratulations for organising such a classic conference. I must say you are setting the benchmark high every year. I personally have found all the speakers highly engaged and professional. They presented their expertise and excellence so lucidly that everyone was drenched and satisfied. Lot of takeaways. The overall coordination was classic case of smart leadership. Everyone was fully devoted to their roles and responsibilities, and empowered to make decisions regarding allotted domains. This level of high standards is very rare in Mauritius."

Mr. Shyam Roy

"Congratulations for the very well organised Conference.

The subject was well chosen and the hottest one currently 

The speakers local and overseas, were of high level and very knowledgeable on the subjects 

I note that you put in practice all the learning from your conferences! From use of professional communications (twitter ,LinkedIn,  digital registration  etc) The location, convenient parking arrangements, conference  hall, all were very conducive to focusing on conference.Well done - Truly innovative I look forward to the next one!"




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