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BIG DATA & Responsible-AI   

"Harnessing Data Driven Strategies in the Digital Economy"

Caudan Arts Centre - MAURITIUS   |  11 Oct 2022

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About InnovationMauritius


INNOVATIONMAURITIUS.COM is an annual event organised by DoraCrea, Mauritius. In a world where Tech has taken over the way business is done, Robotics are becoming more sophisticated, while A.I. and IoT are driving automation with never-seen-before accuracy, we are at the cusp of a turning point in history - the expansion of the Sharing Economy and the emergence of Data Driven Decision Making process. Digital Transformation in knowledge-based industries is gaining momentum. Big DATA Analytics and Business Innovative Practices are no longer a choice but a business imperative which  require a new set of skills, mindset, and ecosystems to support growth, improve efficiency and customer engagement. It is against this backdrop, that the INNOVATIONMAURITIUS.COM conference returns in October this year. Our fourth in the series and organised in collaboration with our flagship Partners, the MCB Consulting and MCB Institute of Finance will showcase the latest development in the Big Data and Advanced Analytics space. From Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Health Care, Real Estate, Construction to Hospitality, this conference spans across a wide range of sectors and explores the ways Data, Responsible AI and Sustainable Innovative practices are revolutionising each of them. While the development of AI is creating new opportunities to improve the lives of people around the world, from business to healthcare to education, it is also raising new questions about the best way to build fairness, interpretability, privacy, and security into these systems - thus a meaningful part of this conference is on Responsibility and Sustainability. We are bringing together Industry Innovators, Big Data Scientists and rAI Data Experts to share their knowledge and build a network of valuable connections.

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Thematic Themes

Demystifying Big Data, R-AI and Innovation

Unleashing the potential for Data Driven Strategies

Business today requires Game-Changing Behaviour. The business environment is characterised by the VUCA World - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity – a combination of factors that exacerbate the effects of digital disruption on an organisation’s operating model. Leveraging on Big Data Analytics and

r-AI business practices will help embracing Innovative ways of leading  business organisations.

Decision making

Re-engineering the Data Decision Making Process

Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM) is about making decisions based on Data as opposed to Intuition, observation, or guesswork. The value of data-driven decisions is dependent on the quality of the data and its analysis and interpretation. Every industry today aims to be data-driven by harnessing the wealth of digital insights available and embracing the power of BI, to make informed decisions with confidence that will lead to better business performance.

next generation
digital workplaces

Is your Organisation ready for Knowledge Workers?

The workplace of the 2020s already looks vastly different. Technology did not just bring new ways of working: it brought a whole new digital economy — new enterprises, new jobs, and new roles. Organisations should now adopt the value of Data Insights and r-AI which brings new levels of Social Connectedness, Mobility, and Collaboration to a world of Virtual Work. Embracing Digital Ecosystem is however inherently ambiguous.

the connected data governance

From a Compliance-Driven to Value-Driven Mindset

Historically, most companies viewed Data Governance as a framework for enforcing Compliance. This command-and-control approach to Governance created barriers between people and dataToday, leaders are realising that the right data governance strategy is about more than compliance. With the adherence of Cyber Security and by making compliant data easier to access, organisations can make faster decisions and drive operational efficiency at scale. 

Trainers Profile
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Featured Speakers
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Programme Manager - r-AI

Google - UK



Professional Conference Speaker

 South Africa

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Thought Leader




Managing Director

Ceridian Mauritius

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Jean Michel FELIX


MCB Consulting - Mauritius


Grainne BARRY


Data Science Institute - Ireland

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Dr Kaviraj S. SUKON


Mauritius Research & Innovation Council



Managing Director

Rogers Capital



Chief People Executive

Rogers Group



Founder & CEO

RdV Sourcing (Pty) Ltd

Drudeisha Madhub.jpeg

Drudeisha MADHUB

Data Protection Commissionner

DPO - Mauritius

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Head of Analytics

CIM Financial Services Ltd

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General Manager

Currimjee Informatics

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Data Citizen & Advocate

MCB Group

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Conference Agenda Tue 11th October 2022

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08:30 - 09:00

Registration, Coffee and Networking

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12:45 - 13:30 Toju Duke

Thinking Responsibly: How to build Responsible AI frameworks

What it Means to be One and Why it Matters?

09:00 - 09:30 Ryan Hogarth

Life - The Metaverse and Everything

Big Data, r-AI and ML Adoption: Leading Edge for Future-Ready Enterprise

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13:30 - 13:50 Marc Israel

Bias and Ethics in AI: Why it Matters and What to do with it?

Positioning your organisation for success on AI Ethics : The ethical issues that arise from AI are complex and multi-dimensional require expertise and insights across a wide range of disciplines

09:30 - 10:00 Grainne Barry

Why Data Science Matters and How It Powers Business in 2022?

Data Science enables companies to efficiently understand data from multiple sources and derive valuable insights to make smarter data-driven decision.

13:50 - 14:10 Dev Hurkoo

Accelerating Digital Innovation with AI and Disruptive Technologies

The Next Frontier of Value-Added Business Transformation and Service Delivery

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10:00 - 10:20 Dr Kaviraj Sharma Sukon

Big Data Analytics: What it is and Why it Matters in Policy and Business Decision Making? 

Big data offers invaluable access to insights never before available. How organisations can leverage on Data Analytics to make better-informed business decisions for long-term sustainability?

14:10 - 14:30 Manish Bundhun

AI and Big Data as an Enabler in Talent Acquisition

Leveraging on Big Data and AI can help to identify candidates faster, match their skills better and vet them with less bias.

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10:20 - 10:40

Coffee Break

14:30 - 15:10 Raymond de Villiers

Leading The Digital Workplace - A People Centric Model

Bridging the Data Talent Gap: How Enterprises are Re-imagining the BigData , R-AI and Analytics Workforce