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Live Interactive Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy from the 

Global Innovation Management Institute, Boston USA

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Innovation Audit  I   Design Thinking   I   Opportunity Insights

Our Mission is to Help Individuals and Companies Develop  World Class Innovation Management Capabilities through Innovation Audit, Coaching and Company Certification.  

June / July / August    I    12 Sessions    I    3 hours Per Day  from 16:00 - 19:00

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INNOVATIONMAURITIUS.COM is an annual event organised by DoraCrea Training, Mauritius. In a world where Tech has taken over the way business is done, Robotics are becoming more sophisticated, while A.I. and Machine Learning are driving automation with never-seen-before accuracy, we are at the cusp of a turning point in history - the expansion of the Sharing Economy and the emergence of Lean Start-Ups and Entrepreneurial Venturing. In today’s dynamic and ever-changing economic environment innovation is no longer a choice but a business imperative. Innovation requires a set of skills, mindset, and ecosystems. With the Coronavirus Pandemic impact and subsequent restrictions, we have redefined the conference into an online interactive platform with a more convenient model while keeping the same level of interactions and innovative skills development. 

In collaboration with our Flagship Partner,  the Global Innovation Management Institute [GMI] Boston, USA, we are bringing a comprehensive Business Innovation Transformation Programme designed for professionals working in Business Organisations and Government Institutions to better understand and put into practice emerging Innovative Frameworks, Tools and Processes and stay ahead of the Pandemic. 

Subsequently, the 5th edition of the INNOVATIONMAURITIUS.COM starting on the 20th April will be running over a duration of 2 months with regular Live Training, Coaching and Mentoring split into a schedule convenient for Live interactions from Leading Innovation Experts throughout the world.


Global Innovation Management Institute [GIMI], Boston USA

Founded in 2009, the Global Innovation Management Institute [GIMI] is the global nonprofit standard Certification Board for Innovation and Innovation Management. GIM Institute was initiated by a group of Chief Innovation Officers, Innovation Executives, Academics and Consultants from around the world. GIM Institute’s worldwide advocacy for making innovation a professional business discipline is reinforced by their globally recognized standards and certification program, extensive academic programs, communities of practice, and professional development opportunities.



DoraCrea is an MQA registered Training Institution located in Curepipe, Mauritius. Launched in 2013, DoraCrea has positioned itself as a major player in the field of Online and Blended Training Delivery and Certification Courses in Digital Marketing, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, FinTech and Agile Business Management. With lifelong learning and professional development as its core vision, DoraCrea has over the past 8 years affiliated with highly reputable Global Training Partners to leverage on their Valued Knowledge and Domain Expertise in Flagship Training Programmes. The objective is to develop Future-Proof Skill sets of our Professional Learners, enabling them to safely embrace a career in the Knowledge Economy.

Programme Overview  

Access GIMI experts and best Practices through our 36-Hour Live Online Interactive CoachingMentoring Innovation and Consultancy through the comprehensive Business Innovation Transformation Programme specifically designed for staying ahead the Pandemic hitting both Public Institutions and private Sector Organisations.

Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship is now a Discipline. Knowledge and Awareness of this discipline is critical in order to harness its full potential. Business Leaders, Policy Makers, Public and Private Employees as well as SMEs are bound to step out of their routines and comfort zones to become creative problem solvers and along the way rediscover their entrepreneurial spirit.

This comprehensive Live and Interactive programme  provides an immersive experience to help professionals having a better insights about what Business Innovation is and what Processes, Tools and proven Frameworks are needed to generate new business spin-off ideas for their organisations. The programme is jammed packed for transforming leaders throughout a journey of acquiring skills in the field of: Creativity, Design Thinking, Breakthrough, Opportunity Insights, Fields-of-Play and Best Practice Innovative Business Case from accomplished Innovative coaches, Mentors and Consultants.

Organisations enrolling for this programme through our local Partner, Business Mauritius will also get a one-off opportunity to have their organisations going through an Innovation Audit to better understand the Innovation Pathways and aligned with the GIMI proven Innovation Maturity Model. 

Thematic Themes 



Breaking Global  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Frontiers

Business Innovation requires Game-Changing Behaviour. Today’s business environment is characterised by the VUCA World - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity – a combination of factors that exacerbate the effects of digital disruption on an organisation’s operating model. 




A Look into a More Efficient and Effective Design Thinking

As a mindset, Design Thinking is characterised by several key principles: a combination of divergent and convergent thinking, a strong orientation to both obvious and hidden needs of customers and users.

Design thinking is about experimenting with prototypes. Make an idea real in order to better understand it and think through the problem



Turn Your Idea into a 

Full Time Venture

Advance your  understanding of emerging developments in business model design. During the start-up process, entrepreneurs need to set the boundaries of the business and define the product/service to offer.   Business model innovations are are about changes in customer behavior, globalization and technological innovations 

Fields of 


Identify New Areas the Organisation Needs to Play 

Banks and export credit agencies remain the easiest and most approachable sources of funding, but other options exist, including various grants, venture capital and equity sharing deals. Explore through this programme the various Grant and VC Funding Options



Explore the Different Business Concepts and Sequence them

By getting involved you will be joining product developers, marketers, business leaders and Draper University entrepreneurs.

business pitch

Present your Business Ideas and Prototypes to Innovation  Experts

If you are trying to raise capital for your business venture, you will probably have to deliver a business pitch to prospective investors

Detailed Programme Schedule - April / May 2022

Week 1 - 10 to 16 August

Week 2 - 17 to 24 August

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Dr Hitendra PATEL

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